Top-notch equipment run by professional operators is a must for us.
We consider our strategically planned investments in machinery to be the key to success and further growth of our company.




3D metal printer TruPrint 3000

3D metal print for not only single-part, but also for serial production. Laser Metal Fusion technology offers almost infinite choices for fuction and design of the part. We are able to print tool steel, stainless steel, inconel 718 and aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg.

3D printer of plastic composites Markforged X7

Printer that allows to print high-strenght parts. In printing process, there is being integrated glass, kevlar, or carbon fiber straight into part, which enhances the strenght of the part, comparable to strenght of aluminum part. In contrast to aluminum part, this part is much lighter and cheaper.

3D printer of thermoplastics Ultimaker S5

This printer has innumerable options of printing the thermoplastics. Application of these parts is really wide, from unique advertising objects, through auxiliary jigs, to gripping jaws for robots or housings in automated lines.

3D resin printer Formlabs Form 3

SLA/DLP printers work (different from FFF/FDM printers) on principle of curing industrial resin with UV laser. Form 3 is capable (thanks to LFS technology) of print with higher resolution and accuracy. Due to this, it is suitable for printing smaller parts and/or prototypes.

3D scanner Zeiss T-Scan Hawk

Portable 3d scanner in combination with integrated software GOM inspect is great solution for easy and fast CAD data of complex parts creating. With help of reversive engineering, it is not a problem to edit and adjust the model for further machining and/or additive production.

CNC lathe Kovosvit MAS Masturn 550i

CNC lathe Masturn 550i is suitable for single-piece production and small series. Machining can be executed both in manual and in automatic way, with the support of Heidenhain control system.

Milling centre Finetech 1570-3L

Universal machine Finetech SMV has Fanuc control system and is suitable for machining bigger parts.

Milling machine TOS FNG 40 CNC

Toolroom machine with simultaneous controls in 3 axis is designed for milling, drilling and tapping operations on parts up to 350kg.

Swiss Type Sliding Head CNC Lathe JINNFA JSL20A

Automatic machine for shaft chip machining up to 20mm in diameter. In combination with high-capacity material feeder, it is ideal solution for serial production of small rotary parts, such as pins, inserts, needles etc. Most often we machine brass, aluminum and iron.

Automated Washer ELLEGELLE MRO 200

Completely stainless automatic washer is convenient for removal of shavings, oil grease and other impurities. With high efficiency, it also cleans non-metal (brass, aluminum, etc.) products of small dimensions and every shape. In one working cycle, it can wash up to 40kg of material.

Electroerosive sink machine Penta CNC E46

CNC sink machine is based on electroerosive principle and can deepen any shape to a part with help of copper or graphite electrode. This way, even hardened material can be machined.

Electroerosive dril Young Tech SY2030-A

EDM drill for starting the holes for Wire EDM. This drill can make holes into hardened material and even into shaped surface.

  • electrode diameter 0,2mm – 3mm
  • workpiece maximum weight – 500kg
  • table size 460x210mm
  • X/Y/Z axis travels 300/200/345mm

5-axis milling centre Kovosvit MAS MCV 1100-5X

Wide technical utilization. Table in shape of cradle with rotary table on it extends machining possibilities, thus most of the machining can be done in one single clamping of the workpiece.

Industrial robot Fanuc Arc Mate 100ID/8L + welding equipment Fronius TPS 400 I

Robotic arm is ideal for serial production. Thanks to repeatable accuracy is number of wasters almost zero. Fully adjustable parameters in robot and even in welding machine can make every weld identical and perfect.

Eccentric presses Šmeral LEN 40C a LEU 100A

With help of eccentric presses and our shop-made tools, we are able to produce big series of smaller parts efficiently.


TOS SV 16 RA Cylindrical lathe • XONM 2000 hydraulic sheet metal bending machine • NTC 2500 hydraulic shears • LAC PKE18 / 12R chamber hardening furnace • Neyson 200 ultrasonic cleaner • Rockwell HR-150A hardness tester • SBC 350 sandblasting machine • Band saw • Column drill • Horizontal grinding machine

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