FUTURE, UNIQUENESS, SUPPORT. We believe 3D printing has a future, especially 3D printing on unique technology. And we like to be active. Therefore, we offer not only 3D thermoplastic polymer printing technology, but also metal and other composites 3D printing technology. To be able to offer the perfect service and accurate information, we only use the manufacturer-recommended technology.


we can increase the strength of the products with glass, carbon, or kevlar fibres

thermoplastic polymers and resin print

no need for injection moulds, fast and clean series production

head-resistant plastic polymers print

we can also print with UL94 V0 materials

unique metal print

use tool steel, INCONEL 718 heat-resistant nickel alloy and AISi 10Mg foundry aluminium alloy and stainless steel


3D metal printer TruPrint 3000

3D metal print for not only single-part, but also for serial production. Laser Metal Fusion technology offers almost infinite choices for fuction and design of the part. We are able to print tool steel, stainless steel, inconel 718 and aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg.

3D printer of plastic composites Markforged X7

Printer that allows to print high-strenght parts. In printing process, there is being integrated glass, kevlar, or carbon fiber straight into part, which enhances the strenght of the part, comparable to strenght of aluminum part. In contrast to aluminum part, this part is much lighter and cheaper.

3D printer of thermoplastics Ultimaker S5

This printer has innumerable options of printing the thermoplastics. Application of these parts is really wide, from unique advertising objects, through auxiliary jigs, to gripping jaws for robots or housings in automated lines.

3D resin printer Formlabs Form 3

SLA/DLP printers work (different from FFF/FDM printers) on principle of curing industrial resin with UV laser. Form 3 is capable (thanks to LFS technology) of print with higher resolution and accuracy. Due to this, it is suitable for printing smaller parts and/or prototypes.


low cost

production speed

low weight

plastic and metal 3d print

high strength

almost unlimited print options

resistance to burning

  • Plastic prototypes
  • Small series of plastic parts
  • Functional blisters and jaws for automated workplaces
  • spare parts for various applications
  • Mounting fixtures and accessories
  • Caps, Couplings, Reducers
  • Complex injection moulding parts with ideal cooling channel profiling
  • Difficult-to-machine or non-machinable parts
  • Injection mould prototyping
  • Semi-finished products intended for finishing


The applications of 3D printing are almost universal. That is why 3D printing does not limit in any way the portfolio of our customers. We print for both, B2B and B2C sectors; no job is meaningless to us. Plastic composite printing can be used in manufacturing of automated lines, where they can replace aluminum workpieces. Printed metal parts can be also used as parts of press molds, where the cooling channels are printed at the same time.

Chair Stoppers

In order not to have chair leg imprints in PUR floor, we have manufactured tailored chair stoppers. Used material: Flexfill 98A.

Awning Handle

Spare part for outdoor sunshade is hard to get, so we printed it. Used material: PETG.

Screw Head

Setting of manual pipe-bending kit, where formerly, wrench had to be used, is now much easier. Used material: PLA.

Convey Tables Connection

Allows for fixed connecting of convey routes, provided the connection can be disassembled. Used material: PC (polycarbonate).


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